Ángel Baviano



Angel Baviano is a highly experienced program maker. He has written, developed and directed numerous leading programs in a career spanning over 25 years. He founded Xanela Producciones in 2009 and since then, he has seen it grow into one of the countries most respected companies in the field of entertainment, particularly in Game Shows. In 2014 Ángel and his team of Pasapalabra, received the acclaimed ONDAS prize, for best program, granted by the Television Industry.

Rafa Guardiola

Managing Director


Rafa Guardiola joined Angel Baviano in 2009 in the set-up of Xanela Producciones. He has accumulated over 20years experience in the television industry working for national and regional broadcasters, as well as for independent production companies as a script writer and program director.
Since 2016, he is Xanela’s Managing Director.

Isidro Gómez

Head of Producing.

Isidro Gómez has been in the TV production business for over 20 years. He joined Xanela in 2012 as Head of Group production to oversee the Group’s programme output. Before joining forces with Xanela Producciones, Isidro worked for several leading production companies and for national and regional television channels, TVE1, Atresmedia, Mediaset, Telemadrid, among others.

Carolina Baviano

Financial Director


Carolina Baviano joined Xanela in 2012 as Chief Financial Officer. She oversees the financial team and is responsible for all areas of financial management including business and legal affairs.

She has an Executive MBA and a degree in Business Administration and Management. Prior to joining the team, Carolina worked for various Media companies as well the Angel Corrella Foundation.

Javier Ramiro

Administration and Labour Relations


Javier Ramiro joined Xanela in 2012 as head of administration. He manages the day-to-day administrative functions of the business including Labour Relations. He graduated from the Complutense University in Madrid with a degree in Economics and Business Management and went on to obtain an MBA in financial management.

Silvia de la Plaza

Accounting and HHRR


Silvia de la Plaza joined Xanela’s administrative team in 2016 to work on accounts and HHRR. Before moving into the entertainment industry, Silvia developed her career in accounting across different sectors; from automotive and fashion to insurance.

Alia Serrano

Executive Assistant


Alia Serrano is a team management specialist with a degree in Communication Sciences. She has worked for different broadcasters and production companies in the production department. Alia joined Xanela in 2014 as Executive Assistant to the Management team, and to provide support in production activities.

Javier Casbas

Film Director


Javier Cabas joined Xanela in 2017 primarily to work on Mediaset’s leading game show Pasapalabra on Tele 5. He now combines this role with the making of documentaries. Having worked in the television industry for over 18 years he has developed his career as Artistic and Television Director with various broadcasters and on a variety of different programs including live shows.