Our Services

Xanela’s team has over twenty years’ experience delivering outstanding quality in content development and proposals to all the major broadcasters.

Our team has a reputation for visual flair, bringing passion and creativity to every project, be it for Television, new media, streaming services or advertiser funded programming.

We also develop transmedia narrative or multiplatform content solutions across all platforms and formats for any brand or company type.

The team at Xanela Producciones can also assist in adapting international formats. Our know-how of the Spanish television market is made available to support and advice in adapting any content to the needs of Spanish audiences and broadcasters.

At Xanela, we pride ourselves on delivering entertaining and high-quality programming.

We make available our experience, qualified personnel, and technical resources to deliver a high-quality product. We can:

  • Co-produce
  • Provide logistical support
  • Broadcasting units
  • Develop formats
  • Production plans
  • Editing plans
  • Organise castings
  • Translations and subtitling

From the beginning, Xanela has been committed to developing and producing digital content, specialising in entertainment. We have successfully developed assignments for various digital platforms, as well as created and produced projects for different brands, including Bayer or Ecovidrio, among others.

Since 2019, Xanela is focused on its digital know-how, producing high quality content, and co-producing formats with international companies specifically for the Spanish market.